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Measurements Devices

Datalogger DataPick®

Applied technology is full of physical parameters, like temperature, humidity, pressure, you name it. Each of them influencing our todays or tomorrows lifes to the good or bad. Often the important issue "When, How long and at Which intensities did it happen?" gets, due to not available low-cost technical instrumentations, a proper answer. Clever and user-friendly combined new datalogging hard- and software DataPick® 2005 generation from Spirig is applicable by anybody moderately able to use a PC computer.

Read the details                           Prices -> inquire at            datapick@spirig.com

Temperature Meter CelsiMeter® KC-1000

Digital Electronic Thermometer , a class of its own with a rich selection of application friendly thermal probes
Robust - dependable - accurate . . . a true Spirig Product with a Solid Value for Money

See the details                              Prices -> inquire at            celsimeter@spirig.com

Infrared Temperature Meter CMI-056cn and CMI-056V

Nonecontact Digital-Thermometer with Optimal Price- / Performance- and Quality Ratio

See the details                               Prices -> inquire at           infrared@spirig.com


Pressure Meter PressMeter® PM-0100...7000MB

Digital Electronic Manometer , a Class of its Own

Robust - Dependable - Accurate . . . a true Spirig Product with a Solid Value for Money

Pressure range from 750mB to 10 bar.

See the details                                    Prices -> inquire at            pressmeter@spirig.com




With a wide range of temperature probes, Celsiprobe® in conjunction with the NICr/NiAl - thermocouple (K-type) and in accordance with DIN 44710, allows temperatures to be measured reliably in gases, fluids, on smooth and rough surfaces, on stationary and moving surfaces, in doughy and pasty substances.

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